Hurricanes can wreak havoc in coastal communities all over the world.
Strong winds, heavy rain and flooding can cause catastrophic damage. But that's where being a neighbor can make an immediate, lasting impact.

Organizations providing disaster relief work tirelessly to provide the necessary emergency response quickly so no lives are lost.  But they also focus on the aftermath of such an event:  home repair, food provision, medical attention and long-term coordination of ongoing resources. 

To help aid in their efforts, we’ve made the VOMO volunteer platform free for these organizations, and we’re mobilizing every possible neighbor who can volunteer. 

Organize Relief Efforts

As your organization steps up to help with hurricane relief efforts, the VOMO platform can help you engage volunteers and plan for the types of projects that your community may need.  Let us help you during this critical time.

Hurricane Relief volunteer
hurricane volunteering

Join a Relief Team

As a volunteer, your help cannot be overemphasized.   Nonprofits and community organizations in your local area need your help right now.  Join a team making frontline impacts today and help us save lives and get families back on their feet in your community

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