Neighborhood Heroes- #GiveTogetherNowDallas Edition

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Tate (8) and Eloise (4) decided that they wanted to give an act of kindness to their neighbors and spread a little joy on their street.

“We used some chalk and wrote on the sidewalk to help people know that we’re still hopeful,” said Eloise. “We made pictures because the coronavirus is here and we want to make people happy.”

The kids took sidewalk chalk and drew pictures of doctors, hospitals, and volunteers, along with inspiring messages. Then they took photos and posted them on social media with the tag #GiveTogetherNowDallas and @StandTogether.

It is all part of a campaign called “Give Kindness Dallas”, hosted by Stand Together and Family Independence Initiative, in which $500 in cash assistance will be given to a local family for every act of kindness posted and tagged on social media between May 15 and May 22.

“Our Dad told us about the project,” said Tate. It’s cool that we get to help people get the money they need.”

Meanwhile, across the metroplex in Fort Worth, Robin and her teenage son were feeling the weight of the COVID-19 crisis. 

“As a single parent there are always added expenses,” said Robin. “So when I got the email from On the Road Lending telling me that we might receive $500, I was shocked. Then I cried.”

Robin sent in her application on Thursday, and by the following Tuesday had the money in her account. She was able to pay the bills that had been weighing so heavily on her.

“It was such an unexpected blessing,” said Robin. “And it came at just the right time.”

Robin and her daughter have been able to pay it forward by doing regular acts of kindness for others around them. They have even shared food with neighbors and made sure the little boy down the street gets the milk and juice he needs.

Robin also encouraged her friend Rosie to send in an application to Give Kindness Dallas. Rosie is a single mom as well, and her two older sons, who typically help with the bills, were both furloughed when the stay-at-home order hit. 

“Our grocery bill immediately went up with all of us at home,” said Rosie. “We were starting to run low on a lot of the things I had always taken for granted.”

Then Rosie found out they have been approved to receive the $500 assistance.

“On that first trip to the grocery store I bought everything we needed, and the total bill came to $341. The Bible says that God goes before us…before we ever get there He’s in that place and ready to meet our needs. I knew He had provided this and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Rosie went home and put the receipt on her fridge to remind her to be thankful. 

“There have been times in life where I felt like I was sinking in quicksand,” said Rosie. “But when you’re forced to stop your work and get out of your busyness, you look around and realize how blessed you are. We’re a miracle, this family. We’ve been through so much trauma, but we’re still alive and engaged and we love one another.”

Robin and Rosie also give back to their community every day through their jobs. Both of them are essential workers, serving in roles that support our military. 

“It was hard at first to receive this gift,” said Rosie. “I’m used to being the one helping, and there are so many others in need. But then I realized…this one is for me. And that’s okay. Life works best when we all take care of one another.”

Get Involved

Share some ideas below of how you are getting involved and sharing acts of kindness in your community.

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Nominate the Next Hero

Want us to highlight a person or group as a Neighborhood Hero? Send your recommendations to stories@vomo.org with a brief description of who and why they should be featured.

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