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Hi friend,

As you know, so many in our community are struggling right now. What I hadn’t realized though was that our community needs thousands of volunteers to fill the gap between those struggling and those who can help.

That’s why I signed up to help close the #VolunteerGap. The Be A Neighbor Campaign now is matching me with nonprofits that match my interests and availability. 

You can add your name too as someone who can help close the gap. It only takes 30 seconds and a few clicks, starting here: https://beaneighborcampaign.com/volunteergap

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Thank you for showing that we really are in this together.

Send this email to your Nonprofits

Hi friend,

I know how much your organization is doing right now to help those who are struggling in our community. I wanted to let you know about the Be A Neighbor Campaign, which is supporting nonprofits during these tough times. 

Through this campaign, your organization can access free technology tools to mobilize volunteers as well as a database of people ready and able to volunteer locally. 

Getting started is easy. Just click on this link to register your organization for free: https://beaneighborcampaign.com/organize

Thanks for all you do.

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Why We Must Close the #VolunteerGap

Share these articles to raise awareness

“We’re really short of volunteers… We’re just trying to take it one day at a time like everyone else.”

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“Calls to United Way’s 211 number — a 24/7 free, confidential service that helps connect people to local resources — have gone up, in some cases, more than 300%”

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“The volunteer workforce that carries out the lion’s share of work … for the community’s most vulnerable members has been idled at the same time the need for those services are at a historic peak.”

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“The Food Bank’s core group of volunteers were mostly senior citizens, who are now staying home.”

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“For decades, America’s nonprofits have relied on a cadre of volunteers who – quite suddenly – aren’t able to show up.”

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“The scarcity of volunteers doing what keeps nonprofits in our community humming is readily apparent.”

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Through the BE A NEIGHBOR CAMPAIGN, we are using the power of technology to make sure everyone and every organization in any community can connect with and mobilize the volunteers who will be needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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