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  • data-link-color – Set hex value to override green link color
  • data-hide-headline – Set to “true” to hide headline
  • data-headline-image-url – Used to set logo as part of headline
  • data-hide-intro – Set to “true” to hide intro paragraph
  • data-intro-paragraph – Set a value if you want to override the intro paragraph
  • data-hide-footer – – Set to “true” to hide the Be A Neighbor Campaign footer

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our mission

VOMO and Builders+Backers believe that we can unleash the power of individuals and networks working together to meet our communities’ needs head on. From the smallest of projects to the biggest, boldest ideas, we can all become people of action – serving and solving.

Through the Be A Neighbor campaign, we are using the power of technology to make sure everyone and every organization in any community can connect with and mobilize the volunteers who will be needed to respond, restoring empathy and engagement in America’s communities.


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