Wildfires can overwhelm large regions in a matter of days.
They can threaten lives and destroy our delicate ecosystem. We want to help mobilize teams to provide relief to those dealing with these disasters.

There are many organizations solely focused on the immediate, mid- and long-term recovery of these regions and firefighters and first responders put their lives at risk each and every day as they fight to save lives and structures.  

As a small part of the solution, we’ve made the VOMO volunteer platform free for these organizations, and we’re mobilizing every possible neighbor who can volunteer. 

Organize Relief Efforts

As your organization steps up to help with wildfire relief efforts, the VOMO platform can help you engage volunteers and plan for the types of projects that your community will need.  Let us help you so your impact can be felt by those who need it most. 

wildfire assistance
wildfire volunteer rescue

Join a Relief Team

There are many ways for you to help as a volunteer. Relief and community organizations in your local area need your help right now. Whether it is providing water and food for those fighting the fires or providing aid to those who are losing homes and their ways of life, you can make a lasting impact.

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